Zuidkoop Natural Projects, De Lier - The Netherlands

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Plantenbak 2
Plantenbak Damrak Gin
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Plantenbak kantoor 7
Plantenbak kantoor 4
Plantenbak kantoor 5
Plantenbak kantoor 6

The largest range of plant containers

Plant containers, they come in all shapes and sizes. There is a suitable base for any interior. You will be surprised by the range this is only a selection of the many possibilities!

We can spray the flower boxes in your corporate style or corporate colours. Neither do logos, texts or images form any problem for us whatsoever. Get in touch with us and we will present you with a suitable proposal and inform you about the latest trends.

A part of our flower box collection can be viewed in the Zuidkoop showroom in De Lier. This is the perfect place to find inspiration and orient yourself in the world of interior plants.