Zuidkoop Natural Projects, De Lier - The Netherlands

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Prince Bernardís interment

Compared to previous interments, a somewhat different layout was chosen for this occasion. The 14 pillars of the nave of the church were decorated with wreaths all around, just under the capitals. This created a beautiful ambiance that blended perfectly with the Gothic style of the New Church. The choice of flowers reflected the season, that of late autumn. It featured a number of different chrysanthemums in green and white tints, supplemented with Michaelmas daisies, roses, Alstroemeria, Lisianthus, the Euphorbia fulgens, which is related to the poinsettia, Anigozanthos and, of course, carnations. While certainly used, carnations did not dominate the setting. They served as a points of relative peace between the otherwise playfully arranged combinations of flowers. The use of various types of beautiful leaves also provided welcome touches of tranquillity.

The frame of the stairway down to the cellar was not changed. Decorative draping materials gave the entrance to the crypt a joyous and classical aspect. There, too, autumnal flowers dominated. For example, hundreds of branches of ĎMonte Casinoí Michaelmas daisies ensured that guests could move around the crypt in an atmospheric and natural ambiance. Here, too, the flowers were worked in the Ďajourí style. Carnations, which were so closely associated with Prince Bernard, had pride of place on the pulpit.

All the thousands of flowers used had been temperature-treated at the growers so that they were at their most beautiful on the day of the interment.